Company Profile:

Tianjin Elpis Technology co., LTD. founded in 2002, headquartered in South Korea, South Korea sole-source investment enterprise is specialized in automobile connector in order to better develop the Chinese market in 2008, founded the company in tianjin supporting our products are mainly for the automotive wiring harness system The rest in terms of industrial control, we have perfect sales, business and product system In addition, we have a frame in the highly competitive price advantage, quality assurance and reliable time management system on business development space Company has many years of automotive connectors, military product marketing experience, has long been based on sincerity, with reliable quality products, dedicated to automotive, military, and the expansion of industrial automation and other fields

Leading Product:

    South Korean brand series KET, KUM, AMP connectors, AURORA insurance, Japan's sumitomo brand, vector battery, and Delphi, but South Korea electronic connector and east lake (KUKDONG) brand military standard connector (MS) and other materials on the wiring harness Now our company is expanding the market, with better channels, South Korea, Europe and the United States, Japan and other places of the connector price is very advantage, especially South Korea series of all kinds of connectors, has the absolute advantage of the price terms

Our Advatage:

Our company advantage and execute sales approach, relying on south Korean producers to domestic sales, therefore, in the price, delivery time and professional technical service (technical data, samples, etc.) has a unique advantage, thus to provide convenient business conditions, such as when new r&d project by the client, we assist customers in various technical services business, provide information of samples and analysis of product performance, etc., and as customers need products, through the existing broad availability information and resources to supply in time Our company is in line with their feet on the ground, the honest code of honor, hand in hand advance together, gate-crashers celebrated the future of the enterprise tenet, sincerely welcome new and old friends to come to discuss and cooperation